disturbed Robin's nest

While clearing out a gutter of leaves just now it was realised that one of the 'bundles' of leaves removed was actually a robins' nest with 3 young birds in. :-( We don't think the young had left the nest previously. The nest has been put back in the gutter with one of the young who has since hopped off. One of the others appears to have been limping. The parents are still around and feeding them. Please can you advise what else we can do. 

  • Always sad to accidentally disturb nesting birds but you have done the best thing possible by replacing the nest enabling the parent birds to feed the young ... just observe from a distance now! You could ensure that the adults have access to supplementary food such as sunflower hearts, suet pellets & mealworms if possible but not near their nest please to keep other birds well clear! Hope they all thrive!


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