Lady Pheasant with crossed beak

I have been feeding pheasant visitors and one in particular is become quite tame.  I have been trying to give her food that she can pick up and so far I have been successful but the beak is growing and she is finding it more of a struggle to pick up seeds.  She can manage homemade brown water soaked bread but I know that is not ideal a.a. I tried her on peanuts today but cannot manage them unless I halve them and then it’s painful to watch.

i have trimmed chickens with crossed beaks before and was wondering if I could do the same for this pheasant because I fear her beak will get worse as it grows.



  • Hi Sally, from time to time you will get birds with beak deformities but most manage quite well eating food adapting to their disability. If you can get some mealworms she may be able to eat those easier rather than harder foods like peanuts. Fresh are best but even dried ones soaked overnight can be sprinkled out for her. As you say, bread (even brown) won't give her any benefit nutrition wise but may fill her up a bit. Maybe other forum members can offer other suggestions.


    Regards, Hazel 

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