Should i leave this robin nest where it is?

We found this robin nest tucked up between old plant pots and our summer house. It's quite well shielded from any cat/fox activity i think, but we're concerned that if the babies start making hungry noises, then cats might be alerted. Tempted to leave it where it is, the mum returns regularly and is seen on the nest frequently.  We can count four chicks, but saw five eggs last week.  Thanks, Tony

  • It is unlawful to disturb active bird nests, so it does need to be left where it is.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks Robbo, we guessed it wasn't a smart move, but would hate to see a cat get them. I have placed a cat scarer (audible device) pointing down the path leading up to where this is, and we haven't tried to disturb the tubs or weeds round the nest to give cats the idea something might be there. Hope these chicks can stay quiet.
  • We didn't see the mother sitting on the nest all day yesterday, unlike previous days, and sadly the chicks passed last night, I guess through either cold or starvation. No movement in nest whatsoever. :(
  • Sorry about that. Often the case I'm afraid. They will try again somewhere else so long as a parent hasn't been predated.