Frogspawn in my garden


In my garden we have a trampoline that sits in a hole in the ground, the hole has now filled with rainwater after all the storms and today I found a clump of frogspawn at the bottom. Is it possible to move the frogspawn somewhere else as I don't think it's a suitable environment for them as the water may dry up and they wont be able to jump out of the hole once they do grow into frogs, there's also no source of food for them. I won't be able to feed the tadpoles as I'm away at college during the week. I read online that you shouldn't move frogspawn to a different pond but in this case I think it's the only option. We live near a river so there should be suitable wet areas. What is the best way to go about moving them/choosing a new habitat so as to disturb them the least? Also the parents are nowhere to be seen. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi Rachel, you are right in that you shouldn't relocate spawn or frogs for fear of spreading infection but you can save these by filling a bucket with rainwater & transferring spawn with as much of the water they are currently sitting in! They will need light to grow & hatch successfully but they won't need food until hatched a few days & tadpole food is available in pet shops or online, maybe you could gett someone to feed for you ... another thing they need is algae to hide in & feed off
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  • Hi Rachel,
    Lucky you, over the past 4 years I've seen what was a healthy population of frogs in my fish pond in Redditch, decline to zero last year and no spawn. I knew there was a disease going around but didn't think it was so severe.