Habits of parakeets

I live in Kilburn, North London, and often see groups of parakeets flying past the window. I began to notice that they, without fail, are always flying from East to West whenever I see them from my house. Is there a reason why this might be, or have I finally lost the plot?

  • Hi Merry... do you live on a one way street? Seriously, though, no idea, sorry. Is it the same time of day? Could be on their way to or from a feeding area from nest area?
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    Haha, maybe, it baffles me. I work from home and spend a lot of the day staring out the window - at different times of day I've never seen them flying the other way. Either they're returning very early in the morning, or flying in a big circle (or I'm wrong).
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    merrythought said:
    work from home and spend a lot of the day staring out the window

    Sounds like my kinda job lol

    Sorry I can't be more help, but there are many wiser regular contributors than me here.

  • Hi Merry, if it's late afternoon you are seeing them they could be heading for roosts. I'm not really up to date but there used to be large roosting sites on the west side of London around the Chertsey/Wormwood Scrubs area and some other sites.



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  • Hi Merry, I'm afraid I can't explain why you only see them flying in one direction, but I also see Parakeets on a daily basis. I am in Surrey, near south west London. There are several large roosts in the area. The Parakeets fly north just after dawn and then return south at dusk. They tend to fly in small groups, maybe up to a dozen at a time. I also see hundreds of Jackdaws flying southwest when I'm at Wimbledon station at dusk. I should say that they are flying back to a roost at dusk.

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