What is this rodent?

Hey guys 

I was hoping for help.with identifying this rodent. Unfortunately we found him or her passed away in our boiler room, blind in one eye. 

I feel.like it's a field or bank vole but I want to make sure it's not a juvenile brown rat. 

Any help appreciated .

  • Hi
    I would guess it is a field Mouse looking at the ears, the others may differ.

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  • I would also say mouse.

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  • I'm not an expert and I think small rodents can be difficult, especially as the face isn't shown that well in the photo, but I certainly don't think it's a rat.
    I agree the ears are very evident, but I'm not convinced they are big enough for a Wood Mouse and unless it has lost most of its tail, it's not a mouse at all. I also think the eyes are not large and prominent enough so, for me, it's probably one of the voles. Judging mainly from the tail length it may well be a Field Vole.


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