Owl calls

About 5.30 this morning I heard what sounded like a large number of owls calling to each other at the same time. They seem to be moving around the area and it lasted for about 15 minutes. I live in a semi-rural area with open fields, wooded hedgerows and orchards to the side of our house. I couldn’t get a recording, but is this likely to have been owls? 

  • Hi Alexandra welcome to the community.
    You could have been hearing Tawny Owls, at this time of the year the youngsters are dispersing to find their own territory for winter.
    Have a listen hear to their calls www.youtube.com/watch

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  • I would say they are likely to be Owls,   I've also been hearing Tawny Owls before dawn,  they are fairly early breeders too laying eggs from around March.   HERE's a LINK  for you to hear and compare some of the sounds and also info on the Tawny.

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  • Here (in Switzerland), the Tawny family outings stopped, or became far less evident, some time ago, but we do still here (what we assume to be) the couple contact-calling while out on the hunt.

    I've also the impression that vocalisations have changed recently, perhaps due to the change in the seasons.

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  • Thanks for the answers Alan, Hazel and Dave. Listened to the links and I feel it must have been tawny owls. What a special thing to have heard!
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  • Absolutely Alexandra. One of life's real thrills. And now you've heard a few, they'll turn up with increasing regularity...

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