What is the difference?

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Would anybody know the difference between Carrion crows and Ravens? And if so, what bird is in the picture, crow or raven? I thought that they were ravens, as ravens travel in pairs and crows travel in groups, but then again, the tail is crow-like and not raven-like, so I just wanted to ask an expert.


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  • Crow methinks - this is a crow

    and this one a Raven - heavier bill, bigger bird, tail's different too, though less obvious on the ground


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  • In reply to Whistling Joe:

    Thank you Whistling Joe, it is very hard to tell the difference sometimes

  • Easier to see, for me, in flight, particularly from the tail. But crows, like a lot of corvids, also stick around in twos, althought they'll group together to roost outside the breeding season (or so it seems to me); we've currently up to 100 crows in a communal roost just behind the house.

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  • Just one more question

    Is there a difference between yellow-footed gulls and herring gulls. Is it that yellow-footed gulls have yellow feet and herring gulls have pink feet, if so, this is a yellow-footed gull?

  • Yellow footed Gull - found in California and has a dark grey back- similar in tone to Lesser Black Back
    Yellow Legged gull - found in Europe and regularly in GB and has a paler grey back- closer in tone to Herring Gull

    This photo looks like the latter to me


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