Neighbour complained about wild birds in our communal garden

We share a communal garden with 3 neighbours. 2 of our neighbours are wild birds lovers. We are too. So we have bird feeders in two areas. It is wonderful to see blue tits, robins, wood pigeons, black birds, wag tails, mag pies and many more coming in the garden to feed. Watching them from our window is a absolute delight. We also have squirrels and it’s fun to watch them too. One of our neighbours is disabled and she takes pleasure in watching the wildlife from her window. Unfortunately, we now have a neighbour who lives in one of the flats on the first floor who has lodged a complaint regarding our feeding the wild birds. She says that they mess her washing (needless to say that her washing stays on the line for days, no matter if it rains or shines). She also mentioned that she hates birds and our feeding them attracts more of them. We have a couple of resident magpies in the garden. This year they managed to raise 4 youngs. The six of them are occupying the garden and are very mischievous. Our cat is absolutely terrified of them and their favourite game is to chase him around the garden. There are few trees around the garden too, so even before we started feeding the birds, we had quite a few residents. For instance, we have 2 robins following us around in the garden looking for worms as we maintain it. Only one of our neighbours helps us to maintain the garden. The lady who has complained doesn’t participate to the upkeep. We are all very distressed about this situation since the lady has been quite vocal and doesn’t refrain from demonstrating her displeasure. She said she can’t bear seeing the birds and she wants the feeding to stop immediately. We live in a council estate located in the country side in Wales. We don’t want to cause issue or to fall out with this neighbour as so far we have been living peacefully with each other. What can we do? Any advice?

  • Sorry to read about that. A very common situation, esp based on what has been written on the forum over the months and years.

    I will be honest and say I'm not a fan of bird feeding, especially outside of Winter and early Spring. I also do empathise very, very slightly re pigeons. I've never lived where their density is more than a couple, but do know what happens when large numbers of them are regularly occurring.

    Personally, I think the objecting neighbour is over the top in officially complaining, though obviously I don't know what extent any prior negotiating there was if any, or who it was with, or exactly how many large birds incl pigeons there are usually.

    I'm biased so my advice is to ease off feeding when birds least need it.....which coincides with laundry being outside. There shouldn't be anywhere near the scale of issues if you were to just use hanging feeders (at most) at that time of year, and expand feeding the rest of the year.