What should I do about a black bird nest on top of a heating vent?


I spotted that a black bird has built her nest on top of a heating vent of my neighbours house. I knocked to let them know but no answer. I'm going try again, but I'm not even sure what to suggest to my neighbour in this situation?

Would heat/steam from the vent definitely harm the nest/nestlings? Is it reasonable to suggest to my neighbours to avoid using the vent while she is nesting? If they chose not too and kill the chicks - is it considered deliberate? 

I checked and there are no eggs in the nest yet. If my neighbours are unable to stop using the vent - would it be best to move the nest before eggs are laid?

Last year a cat destroyed the blackbirds nest and ate the chicks.  I'd hate to see this year's nest be cooked on a heat vent

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Simone, is this nest actively being used even though no eggs yet?
    I would email RSPB for their advice as to whether this nest can be legally removed under the circumstances ... address is ...

    Might be a good idea to take pic of it if you can!


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