What type of bird is this? It was being attacked by a bigger bird. What should I do with it?

So I found this bird on the floor outside the kitchen. Since then I'm moved it onto the grass and made it so that it's hidden and cant be seen. What species of bird is it and what should I do with it?


  • If there are cats around they'll soon find it. You need to put it in a cardboard box or a safe place like a shed or garage to allow it time to recover. If it's still alive this morning & can't fly, contact your local RSPB & see if you can take it somewhere for treatment.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Do you live near any animal rescues you could take him to? Around here we have Tiggywinkles that we could takes him to.

    He's a baby Goldfinch btw :)
  • IMO, it should have been left for the bigger bird. Intervening, as appears the case here, usually ends up with the prey dying and the predator going and having to go and kill something else instead.

    It could have either been attacked by the other bird, or based on what has been written, flew into a window and ended up lying there to then be attacked by the other bird.

    I suspect the goldfinch is already dead by now. If not, I doubt it'd be in any state to rescue.