Nest building.

  1. I have recently bought a new bird box with a camera. Last weekend a Great Tit stared to build her nest. She completed the first layer with moss and grass which took her 2 days. However she has not been back in the box since. I see her daily with her mate and she eats daily from my feeders. Is this normal.
  • Hi Sandiep, sometimes they will start to build in a box and then decide to go elsewhere. It is house hunting, they inspect nest boxes, and will pick around the hole, start to take in nesting materials, and move elsewhere. Hopefully you will still see them around and that someone takes up residence in the box with the camera.

    I would not interfere with the box and take out the material, leave well alone.

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  • Thank you. I had a feeling that this was the case but quite new to all this so building up my knowledge. Many thanks again x