Nesting box unusual activity

Hello. Tits have been building a nest in my box now for quite a while. Before the building process a tit was pecking furiously inside the box every day for weeks. This strange behaviour caused a thin crack at the front of the box near the hole. Today the crack gave way. The hole is way too big now. I dont know what to do. Just as it was getting dark tonight I tapped the box and the adults seem to still be in the box. Surely they are not going to continue using this box with a dangerous hole? I do not know whether to leave it or buy a similar box and risk replacing the front, but with them both in and out the box every day I cannot even see how I can do that to be honest. Should I try to patch the hole so that it is small again or just leave it? The young may splinter themselves on it.  Surely they did not intentionally peck out this big hole? I have lots of magpies etc so they would not want the hole the way it is now I am sure. Any advice would be great thanks  

  • Hello Nweb, a bit of a dilemma, firstly I would not touch or interfere with the box, especially as it is being used and the birds are there, you sent want to chase them away. When sussing out a new home to use, they will peck at the hole to see if they fancy using it or not. I have not heard of them doing it so much that it actually causes damage to the extent shown. Magpies will get in about nesting boxes so that is a worry.

    I am unsure what to advise, hopefully someone else can.

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  • Hello thanks for replying. Yes it is a delicate situation and hard to know what is the right thing to do. I was thinking tmrw wait till they both leave for nesting material and then quickly dash up with a bit of wood and quickly glue it in place for 3 mins or so. I just don't know whether they would want me to do it or not. I am quite sure they do not want the hole that big, so it may be a good idea to try a quick fix. I know the nest building has been going on for a long time, so they obviously feel that they don't have time to rebuild somewhere else and are going to take the risk by staying in the box.
  • Mmm, if you are going to do a quick fix, I would not use glue, maybe put a couple of holes in the bit of wood, then two screws and when you think they are away, quickly screw it into the box, you can then sort the box out properly in the back end. Good luck.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.