House Martins nest looking crumbly & worst for wear. Do I knock it down before they arrive for summer or leave it & hope it doesn't fall when chicks hatch?

We've had 2 House Martins nest under the facias of our house for the last 5 yrs & this year I can see 1 nest is looking very crumbly & worst for wear. With the House Martins due to return anytime now I'm worried that the nest will either fall apart or they won't be interested in it as it's not suitable. Do I leave it & hope they repair it themselves & risk it falling down when the chicks hatch or knock it down so they can rebuild? I don't know what to do for the best & I know they'll be back soon cos I've already seen a few flying around. Thanks. Xx

  • Hi Chrissie, I am no expert, but if the nest looks as if will not do with patching up, or you think it is going to fall with chick in it, I would be tempted to say knock it down, as long as you have not seen any House Martins at the nests already. They will, I am sure re build. Others may offer different advice. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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  • Sorry to disagree, but, no, definitely don't knock it down. Several reasons. Too late in the year. Martins don't necessarily re-use the same nest. Many build fresh nests next to old ones. Old ones are repaired. Obviously, collapse is possible. New nests can collapse (especially if sparrows get in them). But, that is how it always has been.

  • Don't knock it down asit is too late in the year. Let nature take its course. Besides, if someone saw you knocking it down they could report you.




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