Robin nest on floor?

We've had Robins nesting in a hole in the side of our house, about room ceiling height. Just come outside to find the nest and loads of nesting material on floor  We know the baby fled the nest about three weeks ago and we see the family out in the garden. Should we leave them to it, or put the stuff back in the nest? Thanks

  • Hi Polly I should leave them to it, they may rebuild there or she may find a new place, I'm not sure they reuse a nest anyway.
    Thank goodness they had already fledged the nest.

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  • Thanks for getting back to me, Alan. Suspected it was fine, but we're fairly new to watching them and they've become rather like our babies! Will leave them to it and see what happens.
  • Hi Polly, hopefully your robins will nest again somewhere else.

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