Can I stop my neighbour closing in a porch way. House Martins have been building their nest under it for over 20 years & return every year. I'm worried that if the work takes place the birds will disappear. They generally have 2 broods so 8-10 babi

Help..... Don't want to loose our House Martins 

  • I don't think so - I believe from reading lots of articles lately with reference to the Sand Martins in Norfolk that a nest site itself isn't protected. If they have already started to build a nest then I believe that may be protected but if they haven't I don't believe there is an issue with the house owner doing what he wants to do. I am sure they will find somewhere else. Perhaps you could put a House Martin nestbox under one of your eaves and maybe attract them to your house.




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  • I agree with Bob, it will be the active nest that will be protected if they manage to start nesting before any work is carried out, I think the only way you could stop it if it is a shared porch between you and your neighbour.

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  • That's sad. Here (in Switzerland), this would fortunately be against the law. Securing prosecutions takes a great deal of time, but they serve to deter when they do occur.
  • You can only object to a neighbour enclosing a porch if it contravenes any planning regulations, that includes planning applications not applied for if required.

    However, some extensions etc can be exempted if they've been up for a minimum period, even if planning consent was required.

    Many extensions etc are exempt if they are less than a specified area of coverage, that you would need to check with the local council.


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  • Invariably, any 'house martin' nesting inside (e.g. shed, garage, porch) turns out to be swallows. I might be wrong with this latest case....

    I notice this was posted a week ago. Has the work started?