Where is the best place in Spain to see Vultures during September?

I'm planning a holiday to Spain in September and would love to see some big raptors. 

  • Hi Calvin.
    Tony (TJ) is probably your best bet to get a decent answer, I think he's been to Spain birding a few times.
    In the meantime have a look here www.donanabirdguides.com/.../
    they posted on the community a few days ago.

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  • Hi Calvin
    As Alan has said I've been birding a few times in Spain. One of the best places to see vultures in particular is in Monfrague Natural Park near Trujillo in Extremadura. There's a resident population of Griffon Vultures, some Black Vultures and a couple of Egyptian Vultures. There's usually a pair of Spanish Imperial Eagles if you are lucky. The best time to visit Extremadura is generally in Spring as there's so many other bird species about as well but I've been there over Christmas and it can still be good with flocks of Great Bustards, overwintering Cranes etc
    As you are planning to go to Spain in September which is peak migration time the Tarifa area in the southernmost point of mainland Spain can be a real hotspot. Hundreds of thousand birds migrate across the Straits of Gibraltar including all sorts of raptors including eagles, vultures and kites as well as storks, hirundines etc. It can be quite a spectacle when the weather is favourable. You can get a stiff neck staring up into the sky. LOL
    I don't know whether you are planning to join a tour like THIS or if this is a DIY trip. If the latter I would strongly recommend that you have at least one day with a local guide who will know the the best places to visit.



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  • Thanks Teejay. Great advice. There's a national park to the east of Tarifa so I will look for somewhere close to there to stay much appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on
  • If you choose to go to Donana, I would suggest visiting the town of El Rocio which is on the edge of the park. It has its own lake and colony of Flamingos but the town is famous for being a horse town - wide sand covered streets with hitching rails outside every building. There's nothing better on a cooling evening having a beer and watching the local caballeros practicing their dressage on the town square. Its a bit like a typical western movie mexican town 




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  • In reply to Bobs_Still_Retired:

    I would endorse Bob's suggestion of visiting or even staying in El Rocio on the outskirts of Coto Donana. It's a fascinating place and you half expect Clint Eastwood to mosey into town along the sandy streets. Here's where I've stayed  

    And you eat in the restaurant across the road where you can hitch your horse.

    It's very Spanish not at all grand and you'll be lucky if they serve dinner before 9 pm. I'm sure there must be other hotels in the area.

    Definitely worth a visit inside the National Park where they take you round in vehicles like this.

    In the picnic area outside the visitor centre Iberian Magpies (formerly Azure-winged Magpies) can be tempted to come close by snacks. 

    If you go into Tarifa itself then I would recommend taking a boat trip into the Strait to see Dolphins and perhaps even a Sperm whale. 

    I hope you will give us a trip report after your holiday



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  • Thanks again Tony. I'm currently looking for a villa in Los alcorocales national park.