Goose ID, please

I saw a skein of these geese this morning here in Lincolnshire, about 25 of them flying in a shallow V. I presumed they were Greylag, but these were silent whereas Greylag are usually making a racket. I just wondered if they may be Pink-Footed or something else. My apologies for the quality of the photo - heavily cropped, I'm afraid. Thanks. 

  • Can't help with that one I'm afraid. Have you got any more photos? Perhaps a wider view would reveal something.

    There's a better way to post photos just follow the link below.

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  • Hello, TeeJay. Sorry, I don't have a suitable photo. I think there's a hint of an orange bill, so I'll assume these were Greylag. Thanks for your help.

  • In reply to Roger S:

    From that angle, obviously quite hard to tell. However, bill looks too large for pink foot. Bulk also suggests it's greylag.

  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks for looking, Robbo. I was just foxed by the fact that they weren't making a noise like Greylag usually do. But I'm sure you're right.