Solar powered bird baths

Hi all,

We've had a standard RSPB bird bath in the garden but it's not getting much use (some birds do use it but nothing spectacular). Having seen Yas's videos from her bird bath we decided to get a solar powered bird bath with running water as the sound of the water running may encourage our garden visitors to use the facility. 

I've had a look here:  and seen a variety of types and models but I am not sure what to get so your advice will be very welcomed, particularly in the following issues:

1. Size / depth of basin for optimal use by the birdies,

2. Number of jets (if that is of importance),

3. Heating necessary? Is that separate or some models/makes come with it?

4. Is the height of the stand important, if so how tall should it be?

5. Anybody is using one and can recommend?

And finally, important questions I forgot to ask?

Thanks in anticipation of your replies and advice!

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  • I bought the tiered solar fountain and my mum has the same one.  The bottom level is quite deep so I have put some pebbles in the basin just covering approx a quarter of the width of it.  I am really pleased with it. I have seen Blue tits, Great tits, Chaffinches, Siskins, Robins, Goldfinches, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Starlings, Green finches, Wood pigeons, Magpies, Woodpeckers all drinking from it.  I thought the small blue tits would use the top level for bathing but they love the pebbles in the lower section. The Robins and Starlings bathe in both sections. Blackbirds and Thrushes like the lower section where it is deeper (no pebbles).  I have seen 4 starlings in lower and 2 in top at the same time all bathing.  I also have a plastic dish on the ground with a small solar pump, and I have a plastic barrel with pebbles and solar pump which the Blackbirds, Thrushes, Starlings and Tits all use as well but they don't seem to like the spray head on the fountain pump and refuse to go near them until I take the spray head off and leave it just bubbling over. I have the bronze RSPB bird bath but found it too deep and only Starlings used it or Woodpigeons wallowing in it for half an hour making it dusty, so it's now in the garage.  I have a heavy stone bath which is shallow so I cant put a solar pump in it and it is a nightmare to keep clean. The tiered fountain is polyresin so easy to clean, and its nice to look at and listen too even if there are no birds in it.  I bought mine from  its called "Imperial round tiered solar fountain". 

  • In reply to Crow Lady:

    Hi Marina, I don't have a solar powered bird bath, but I do have a mains powered water feature called 'Babbling Boulders'. Wendy Bartter has one of  these too. I purchased mine back in 2013 and other than the odd hour or two when it has been dismantled for cleaning, it has been running non-stop since April 2013.  Many bird species from Wrens through to Fielfares have used it. I have added a short clip of a BT using it.