Went out for a walk along the canal today.It was a nice day for a walk the weather dry quite a bright day only a few clouds. On the canal there were a few Swans and Ducks but there were lots of Moorhens.The usual were in the trees,Blackbirds,Sparrows,Dunnocks,Great tit,Bluetits,Robins etc.I am sure there were others along the route but none I could see only hear by different birdsong.Then this beauty caught my eye a lovely Buzzard

I was glad it stayed long enough so I could get these photos!     :0)

  • Ooh, that's nice. What superb photos. How close did you manage to get?



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    Thankyou Teejay,It was roughly 100ft away on top of the tree,if I hadn't looked right I would have missed it.I didn't have time to put the long lens on the camera so took a chance ,I cropped it so i am happy really with how well it came out.

    Thankyou doggie a blue sky always helps!

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    Brilliant images. Number 3 is superb with the catch light in the eye. Buzzards are one of the hardest birds of prey to get close too. you can drive past them no worries but stop and they are gone. so well done  

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    Thankyou Allan for your nice comments! This is one of the original photos just resized so you can get an idea of how far away it was,I had no idea what it was until i looked through the bins.


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    Those are terrific photos - very clear and detailed despite the distance, and without the converter lens too! Excellent. I will say it again, you can't beat the Panasonics for bridge cameras! I especially love the third one down. Well done, brilliant.

    Cheers, Linda.

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    Great shots LittleOwl,even when cropped it shows very clear.It is surprising just where Buzzards are showing up nowadays.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    Super photos LittleOwl.It's nice to see them in a different pose, rather than just soaring overhead.

    I'm with AllanS on not being able to get  very close to them, always found they're a bit suspicious when you point a camera at them.So you did very well to get that close...or perhaps they're more friendly your way LOL.



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    Thankyou Linda,I agree the panasonics are good,i love mine more so on a brighter day,I still have loads of settings i haven't explored yet,should have by now i have had it almost two years.

    Thankyou Seaman,we see quite a few Buzzards out on our walks around this area.  :0)

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    Thankyou Viv I usually see them overhead and most of my photos would end up as blobs in the sky,so i was lucky today.  :0)

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    Brilliant photos!! what a lucky sight - I love buzzards, but they are usually far too high in the sky to get a decent shot - well done!