Kingfisher blues, Fuzzy Foxes and a great weekend!...Thanks Harry!

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    Higgy, what a brilliant and amusing read together with some lovely photographs. I sympathise about the kingfisher, but like waiting for a bus, one will turn up eventually. Thank you.

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    Hi All, Lovely comments again which are appreciated as always! Too many for individual reply unless I want to pay for 'writing space' I should imagine....

    To answer just a couple of points.....

    1) I will keep trying with this wildlife photography lark but I can't get good at it or I won't have anything to write about and make you all giggle!!!??

    2) Writing a book has been a secret ambition of mine for some time but unfortunately coming out of school with very little qualifications and not being the brightest spark I wouldn't know where to start....

    3) Are there any "Buzzard Geeks"???.....if not maybe it could be a new challenge for me?...there's enough Buzzards around here (over 100 breeding pairs so I've been told?)

    4) Yoga?.....ummmm.....!!!

    5) "Arty moment" Well Mrs T feel free, you might convince me that some of my other 'failures' are actually brilliant!! you want to buy it? it's now 'fine art' it should be worth a few £££££?....

    6) If some of you smile or even "laugh out loud" at my misfortune and mishaps then as always my job is done!!

    Finally you really do need to watch this space as being the fool that i am I actually recycled some branches from the 'branch pile' in my field last night and de-barked them......On the way home from work today I strategically placed some of them around the rhynes on my stomping ground ready for the little turquoise & orange chap to perch on......the things we do!....or am I just mad?? LOL


    Eddie....oh sorry I mean Higgy!

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    Just Brilliant !!!!!!! Just the tonic to cheer us all up !

    Regards Mick

    Work is for those people that don't Bird-watch!!!!  

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    Great report as always Higgy. You tell a brilliant story, so much description it takes us all along with you.

    Lovely Buzzard shots, well earned


    I've learned that I still have a lot to learn...

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    Higgy the best story tellers are not the ones with loads of bits of paper. You've got what it takes! As for where to start? How about at the beginning? You're already there!



    God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

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    If I start at the beginning there will be many bits of paper I can assure you!! LOL

    Hopefully experience and reality of life means much more than qualifications in which case I might just have a chance.....especially if I throw in plenty of 'Higgy' mishaps! You'll all have a good laugh if nothing else!

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    You could start another blog and collect some of your posts from here onto it. That'll save paper!!

    There are two ways of writing as far as I can see. First you can be very organised and "academic", make a plan for your "book" and stick to it. Or you can be very free - just start putting things down, keep your thoughts going and see what happens! (much more fun :-)) You may find a pattern starts emerging, or not. There are lots of people who can help steer you later to get something into a state for publication. Have you tried "googling" something like "publishing online"?

    You obviously like story telling, Higgy and you're good at it. Get stuck in there!


    God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

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    Sounds like you know what you're talking about Jenny????

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    Worked for a while as an Arts Practitioners' Mentor and Business Advisor!!

    God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

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    I think starting a new blog for your wildlife-watching adventures is a great idea - carry on posting them here as well though, please! Much enjoyed this instalment, as always :)

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