Portland.... again.... With Pipit Queries..... yet again!

So Saturday's forecast was overcast but dry, with clouds clearing later, and Mrs PB decided a bracing sea breeze was what she required. Bacon rolls safely consumed prior to departure, a leisurely pootle to Portland followed. We decided on the western side again, and head south rather than north, like last time.

Immediately apparent were the large numbers of gulls, and oddly, jackdaws taking advantage of the breeze

I didn't realise there were butterfly sized fancy dress shops... where else could he have got the "Scream" mask??

Or should that be she.... "I'm a laaaaady"

next up a very pretty blue flower...no idea what it is!

Out of nowhere, a Kestrel popped up

While on the cliff face, one of the Jackdaws was moving stones....

And this looks like a younger one

Peering over the cliff it was a pleasure to watch a constant stream in and out of Guillemots and Razorbills

Whilst more sedately cruising, a few Kittiwakes drifted on the wind

On the actual cliff face, spread along the ledges were loads of Razorbills and Guillemots, with a smattering of Cormorants thrown in for good measure, and just a couple more Kittiwakes sheltering.

We walked on down to the Bill proper, and the first of the Pipit queries....Rock?

Swiftly followed by the 2nd query....

And the third! Just to throw some more confusion into the mix, there was constant Skylark songs, and a few songflights too, but I didn't see any of the birds pictured being so helpful!!

Off in the distance as we began heading back up to the coastal path, were a couple of Linnets

Pipit 4 I think is Meadow, as it appears to have a properly long hind claw... even if it is olive in colour!

A not at all shy Goldfinch almost dared me to walk passed

And a very yellow looking young Great Tit was busy amongst the stems

And Pipit 5...atop a fencepost

Tempting me to chase it over the edge of the cliff, a Red Admiral finally landed

The Kestrel suddenly reappeared again

And I didn't know quite where to look...up at the Kestrel, or down at my 1st Wall butterfly of the year

And the Dingy Skipper

Or stay looking up at the beautiful show the Kestrel was putting on

Or down at the Wagtail, provisioning the family, presumably

And on that delightful note, we headed for home windswept and wonderful :o)

Thanks for reading, and any Pipit help gratefully received as always!!

Stay Safe All

  • Flower looks like Flax but I won't bet on it :)
    The Pipit challenge , I think first two are Rock - you'd think with eyebrows like that it would be easy to tell and the bramble Pip is a Meadow but hopefully an expert will appear to help -

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Thanks Cin... Did you mean the first 2 pictures, coz they are the same bird... Or did you mean the first 2 pairs of pics are both Rock... coz the 2nd pics have eyestripes that the first photos don't.... Have I ever mentioned how much I hate birds?
  • Did somebody call for and expert???
    A will bump you back up to help you get one ;-)

    Certainly was a nice day for it PB
    How long did it take you to get back up after the Scream shot lol
    Lots of lovely blue skies, flutterbys and birds what more could anyone want!!
    Don't you just love a wee waggie ;-)

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks Linda, for the bump lol
    The advantage of using the big lens for ickle teeny weeny butterflies, is that you haven't got to be lying down.... I had to be about 6' away for focus, so that makes a nice shallow angle lol
  • I reckon Germain had the pipit I.ds covered.
  • In reply to ItisaRobbo:

    Yeah, but what do you know? You sound just like that bloke that said about Dunnocks singing up trees, of all the preposterous things 

  • I am late to join in here, but just have to give you two positive id's PB. The last four pics are two Kessies and two Pied Waggies - no don't argue, that is what they are!!!!!

    Lot to learn