Down To the Trailway

So after the mishap of Slimbridge, I was stuck at home on glorious Monday with no car, so decided a trundle down the Trailway was in order.

First up, one of the resident pigeons that live locally

At the very start of the Trailway, the dawn chorus was in full voice

Along with the singers there were other entertainers...a pole dancer

And someone with the spotlight right behind them

High fliers featured

And some rarely seen exhibits, slowly emerging from the shadow

To take their rightful place in the sun

More high flying Maggie action

And another corvid entrant in the best flier competition, a Rook with mumps (or possibly a crop full, if they have a crop?)

Waaaaay off in the distance, a Buzzard sat in a tree, I took a couple and then waited 10 minutes to see if it would fly off, and which way....

.... but unfortunately the other way!

I noticed flitting and rustling and more flitting, but couldn't make out what it was in the tree... I was hopeful for Goldcrest from it's movement, but didn't get a clear view of it until I reviewed the pictures at home

I'm guessing at Chiffchaff, but I took just shy of a hundred pictures to be sure lol

There were a good few Redwing about, but most stayed obstinately distant

And a Chaffy looked beautiful against the clear blue sky

Plenty of Robins about, this one slimmer than most!

A flock of smallish birds came in to land in a field to the left (awkwardly into the sun... and I'm struggling to decide what they are... possible Meadow Pipits, but I've not spotted any along here before

Two distinctly different Dunnocks in close proximity

Everyone enjoys a Magpie serenade! There were 6 or 8 "frolicking" about between the larger trees, swooping and tumbling, screeching and squalling


And back at the end of the Trailway, 20 or so Starlings swooped into the trees just ahead of me, making a wide cariety of their usual noises

I've noticed when their throat feathers are sticking out, is when they are making their clicking noise, not unlike Harry Potters spider impression!

And so concluded a mini jolly due to unforeseen circumstances!

Hope you enjoyed

Stay Safe All

  • Lovely set of photos PB and bonus to see the visiting winter thrushes and the starling with its magnificent plumage. Magpie looks lovely, especially in flight showing those feathers, I always feel Maggies get an overload of bad press when they really are beautiful in their own right.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • A nice day out you had PB despite not planning to go there. The birds show off lovely in the sunshine. A good selection you had as well.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Oh nothing better to de-stress than getting out a wee stroll in the fresh air down the trailway and then sharing it with us ofcourse! Ooh lovely blue sky and am partial to a Maggie or 12!!! That's how many were playing in my garden today around sunset!!! Lovely to see the starling aswell as a dont see them that often anymore. I have still to see a fieldfare this winter! Thanks for sharing and de-stressing me ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Good to see you're still able to get out and about, even if just very local, and hoping things are moving with the car claim.

    Back to the photos, as always, a fabulous set, and where  would we be without the magpies! 

    A shame no goldcrest but a good selection of beauties nonetheless.


    Flickr Peak Rambler