A Couple of Hours at Barons Haugh

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    I’m told by those old enough to remember that they inspired a 1950s hairstyle, often abbreviated to DA.
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    I think my Dad had one, with the compulsory quiff at the front!!
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    Linda257 said:
    Thanks for IDs Mike...not sure a will remember them for next time though lol

    I think the lighting on the river was just super and a couldn't stop pressing the button on the camera ;-)

    I wouldn't worry too much about trying to remember than all, just enjoy what you do and what you see, and perhaps one that is distinctive on the day, take your book out and look it up.

    You're far more likely to remember that one the next time, because it was distinctive rather than binge learn all the others and not remember any of them, and the next time, you might have another distinctive one.....


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    Och a dont worry too much Mike, just happy to see whatever, take pics, and be out in the fresh air..although a dont think a will forget Little Grebe cos its a wee cutie ;-)

    I did actually have a pocket book with me but a didn't realise that until a was home again lol

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  • Hi Linda,
    A lovely set from what looked like a glorious day of sunshine. I particularly liked the water birds on the golden water, a splendid close ups of the Bullies.
    Nearly didn't see this post, things seem to disappear down the list quite quickly if you're busy for a few days and don't keep up.
    Apologies for any posts I've missed lately.
    Best Wishes,
  • What a cracking day out you and your daughter had Linda, and what a fantastic set of photos of all the different species. Maybe Jock did travel with you! Too many to pick out any favourites. Glad you had a nice day out in the sunshine. Hope the boots did the job and that your feet are not too sore!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Thanks Trever....no quite as good as your bullies against the blue sky but was nice of them to stop me on the way back to the car and they were pretty close which was nice...yes things can disappear quickly on here lol

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    Thanks CL....was nice to spend some time with my eldest. and she was squirrel watching for her Uni course so we both gained from out couple of hours out. Boots were fab and super comfy

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)