Jock the Sprawk Strikes Again!!!

So I was standing by the kitchen window admiring my birds then saw a bird fly in to trees beyond the garden...looked like a thrush so ran got the camera...

Aww a lovely Redwing...

Then next thing it was offski as all my garden birds were aswell...and as I put the camera down.... oh you gorgeous boy Jock!!

Never seen him coming but then neither did that pigeon lol..about 2 feet from his last catch site!

And then he clocks me

And then it was time to pluck

Maggies were gathering...

Way too long in the open

He picked up his lunch and headed to the conifers

So that's where a left him to enjoy his meal

And as you can see he must have done;-)

No stones this time for the feathers to blend into I had to put on my gloves and pick up the feathers...Will need to be having a word with Jock about his mess  lol

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)