An Unexpected Adventure To Studland

  • A lovely collection, PB, thanks for posting. Good luck, dress very warmly, and take your sea-sickness tablets if your boat trip is still going ahead! Could be rather nippy out on the Harbour! We were on a boat trip there in late August and in spite of wearing many layers, I nearly froze to death! However, we saw two Dolphins swimming serenely along fairly close to other boats and near a jetski or two, several extremely distant Ospreys, one of which caught a fish, and lots of other birds. Meanwhile on board, we had short talks from several folks including one of the Wild Justice founders, one of their lawyers, one of the prime supporters of Birds of Poole Harbour, and a couple of staff from the Osprey Project and BoPH, and every one of them was also bird-spotting for us--fabulous.  As for Gull ID, I'm leaving it to the experts!

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Nooo, boat trip went ahead Gaynor, was blowy but bright and it stayed dry. I took masses of photo's, but most subjects were too far away to be worth posting, but it'll take a while to go through them all :o)
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    Thanks Ann :o)
    Layers were indeed the required option for the boat (I think it was 6C, not taking into account the wind chill...brrr)
  • I'm pleased the boat trip went ahead, and I'm sure there'll be photos worth posting.


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