Ducks leaving even when clipped


A few months ago i got two pairs of ornamental ducks for my pond, the pond already had mallards on but these ducks were a different species, i released them onto the pond and for about 2 days i couldn't see them, one pair appeared after 2 days and stayed at the pond for about a week and then they also disappeared, now i haven't seen them since, it was a really nice large pond, almost a lake and was quite safe. Please could you give me some tips so that if i decide to get some more ducks they won't leave, is it possible to home ducks?



  • Clipping one wing to unbalance a duck and make it impossible for it to fly is ok I suppose but you have to do it after every moult for it to be effective, could this be why your birds have been able to leave ? of course they may have just walked to a more interesting pond or lake


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