Tawny Owl

I've been very lazy about posting photos from trips this year, I think I'm worse than Clare!

We had a week in Bamburgh with family at the end of May and one day we took ourselves off to NWT reserve at Hauxley further down the coast. It proved to be a very fruitful visit.

Arriving at the outside visitor reception we were asked if we would like to see some Tawny Owl chicks, would we !?? Of course who would refuse such an invitation. 15 meters down the path a volunteer was pointing into the bushes, to be honest no need to point but.. well people do

This picture uncropped and no zoom at 100mm.

An adult was in the tree above the chick, unfortunately it did not oblige with a clear shot.

After about 20 mins watching the pair we then went off to walk around the reserve and find a suitable spot for our sarnies & tea. A Heron amused for a while fishing

Out of reach of the Herons beak quite a few Terns were washing & preening.

A few distant waders and Whitethroat were seen and then back at the visitor centre to see the Tawny Owl, this time the chick had opened its eyes

An adult was still up in the tree.

Finally Mum/Dad decided to look down on us poor earthlings

We were sat in the car about to leave when the guy in the next car down leapt out of his car with camera aimed and started pointing at the hedge line across from the car park. So I followed when I realised. what he'd seen. There were two squirrel feeders in a couple of the trees in the process of being raided. 

So lucky to catch these two and the first sightings of Reds for a few years.