A Blustery Couple of Hours in Troon Gets My Seal of Approval!

So I had planned for an outing with my dad this week in search of red squirrels and red kites, both which I have never managed to photograph but due to work and stuff we only managed a wee drive down to Troon yesterday very late in the afternoon. I have only been to Troon several times to soak up the sun on their award winning beach..However my dad spends alot of time down there with his job.

He drove straight to the harbour and said go over to the railing and let me know what you see...Me thinking to myself there better be some flaming birds for me to photograph....oh it was a very blustery 15 steps or so and all I could see were some gulls

I think I disturbed this one

..damn you dad!...then once my eyes stopped watering with the wind I could see about heads popping up all over the place


It was so windy and I was trying to balance the camera on the railing and stand still...needles to say I got lots of bad pics but here are a few not so bad ones


Then a first for me all on its lonesome..Lovely male Eider..I hope lol

A seal gatecrashing my pic of the gulls

If only the weather was better I could have stood there for hours watching the seals

My best pic of the day I think

Back to the car to thaw out then round the corner to see if any birds about..I thought my dad was gonna drive us into the sea at one point!! lol

It was then time for fish n chips woohoo

Then headed to Prestwick Airport ...my dad on his week off work and he still ends up at the airport but he wanted to show me the bunnies and to see if any fighter jets were parked up as 2 already passed us by before I could even click the camera lol

well got the bunnies but no military aircrafts and it was getting late so it was time to head home again and that concludes our wee couple of hours down the coast. Hope you all enjoyed.

(My dad and the kids are away to Millport today without me booooohooo lol)

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • You brave soul, thanks for the pics!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Who could resist those..................... flared nostrils!!
    Love the Eider too :o)
    Thanks for fighting the elements and sharing :o)
  • Today I learnt that the nose up sleeping position in the water is called 'bottling'.
    Love the Eider

    Cin J

  • Sleeping seals and Eider Ducks, can't be bad, great pics Linda.

    Lot to learn

  • Wonderful set of photos Linda and what close up views of the seals, eiders and bunnies, coastal landscape is beautiful. Thanks for the lovely post. I'm just trying to catch up with everything after a week away !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks all ;-)
    Thanks for the info Cin on the Seals "bottling"
    Hope you enjoyed your week away Hazel

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • What a fabulous selection of photos Linda, though a dull (and blustery) day weatherwise, they all looked good to me, and a good selection of birds and mammals to make it all the worthwhile for no red squirrels or red kites.

    Incidentally, the chances are you will have either an 'image' or 'optical' (both the same, just different wording) stabiliser on your camera lens, which for the vast majority of modern cameras are very good at sorting out the buffeting caused by most winds.

    My wife was sooo jealous of your seal sighting.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Thanks for taking us on your trip to Troon and Preswick. Lovely pictures, nowt wrong with those. The seals certainly gave you a performance and the bunnies are so cute. How very naughty that they never took you away with them today! Next time.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.