Just a few from today in the garden that kept me amused for a while

These were part of the "charm" is it of goldies that whizzed in this morning

There were about 50 of them, couldn't get them all in shot, but a Jackdaw and then Magpie came and scared them away.

Mr Gigantic again, along with it's mate visits most days now and I'm getting obsessed with them, they seem to sleep under the Sedum blossom at night

Lovely Red Admiral

 Another strange bee, this one with white wings

Nice Copper

All on one blossom, the white bee, two honey bees and the Copper butterfly

Zoomed in

Landed next to me, what a cracker

Mr G and Copper

OK OKay I'm going

Just flew in so had to take them

Four having a party on the lovely Sedum!!! :-)   

Good to have the sunshine making it all possible.


Lot to learn

  • Lovely sightings Gaynor, the sedums are very magnetic at this time of year ... wondering if your very light critter is an Ashy mining bee, not that I've ever seen one & certainly no expert!


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  • Lovely stuff Gaynor, we'll need to invest in some of the plants, almost everything bar the geraniums have gone now here. How big do they get?
  • It'll be Mrs. G. For the light bee, could well be a scruffy common carder. The ones here are mostly looking a scruff like that. I find it much more difficult to i.d. bees at this time of year as many of them are worn and faded.
  • Lovely photos Gaynor.

    Around late September, the red admirals become quite prominent here, so I'm hoping.

    On a side note, I know it's a Thursday, I've a days pass out and with the weather looking good, I'm off to Conwy, with a divert to Llanwryst to hopefully photo the famous tearoom in its red glory.


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  • Thanks all, will go with mining bee and scruffy common carder - for safety!!! The Sedum grow as big as you like PB, very easy to grow and the butterflies and bees just get drunk on the pollen and thus slow them down for easy photos!!
    Good luck Mike in Conwy, look forward to seeing your photos.

    Lot to learn

  • I must get at few Sedums planted in the garden ..On my very long to do list lol
    Lovely pics Gaynor thanks for sharing ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)