Monday.... A Beautiful Brownsea Belter

So after a quiet weekend, giving Nikki Nikon a break I returned to making her earn her keep, with a long overdue Brownsea Island trip. The weather was forecast to be fabulous, birds had started arriving, both from migration and on migration, and not only that but one of the Isle of Wight relocated White Tailed Eagles had landed there a couple of days previously....welllll.. you never know your luck!!

I arrived at Poole Quay a bit early for the boat, so wandered along, and soon spotted one of my favourites

From the boat I saw a few gulls wheeling about, and one or two sat atop the buoys, just keeping half an eye on us as we pass

Along the Lagoon wall an obvious game of "Odd One Out". Both Cattle and Great White Egret were seen Monday, but not sure which this is from this distance

Again, distant from the boat my first sighting of the Spoonbills, there were about 40 altogether I think I read later.

Onto the island, and headed round to the Dorset Wildlife Trust area, and first sighting was a Small Copper

A Magpie was calling up in the canopy, probably saying "Get off my laaaaaaand"

There were probably a million dragons about, of which I photographed a lot, but haven't put many in the post. I haven't had time to go through and identify them yet, but most appear to be Ruddy Darters, but there are some potential candidates for other species...I'll report back later!

The next one was kicked out of the marines for failing Camouflage Fieldcraft

The boardwalk to the hides is tree lined and thus the light changes frequently. I looked back over my shoulder, in case anything had popped out behind me (I frequently do, as it frequently does!!) and caught a flicker of first thought was... Turtle!!! then I rationalised, and looked closer, spotting the head

The first hide overlooks the tern islands (bereft of terns at this time of year), currently inhabited by Redshank and Dunlin (I think)

Tom Daley and his mate have got nothing on these incoming Redshanks

Unfortunately (for me, not the birds) a lot of the hides are quite distant from the birds, so for a change I've done a few "scenic" shots... The Godwit Massive 

The Spoonbills and one of the Egrets

And with the Oystercatchers

And also with a Heron and a Little Egret (we get 'em all down here y'know!!)

A group of four Shelduck industriously combed the water

Something put all the aforementioned birds up, but I didn't see what it was, but it made quite a spectacle as they all wheeled about

A squadron of Stealth Cormorants fizzed across the Lagoon

Next up, I'm not sure of. The beaks don't look long enough to be waders but that could be the angle. Grey Plovers were listed as spotted on the Island? (Wing pattern looks similar, plus white tail?)

They all finally settled down again, to practically precisely where they started off from!, including these ducks...Pochard?

"Will you come down from there, you're making a spectacle of yourself"....."But...but....but I'm the King of the Castle!!"

A coven of Curlew were away to the left

And even further away.... An "I don't know what" bird!!

Not sure, but could be a Dunlin Attack Squadron?

Not knowing which was to attack first!

Back into the woodland, between hides, another dragonfly

And the first Chaffinch I've seen in a while

A fly of some description

There were two webs, with two spiders in, and conveniently the were facing opposite ways, so I have top and bottom views....same species I think

More dragon action....or stillness, as it happens!

No need to laugh at me!

Now, one of Brownsea's signature creatures

A striking and unusual Pheasant wandered to within about 5 feet of where I was standing, hence he was too close for a full body shot lol

One of the signs by the path said to keep an eye out for both Wren, and Goldcrest, so I did. To no avail. But I did see Nutty flittering about

And more dragons

The last hide along the root has an elevated view, over a lake, that I've never seen anything in, or on.... until today, a distant speck... Little Grebe?

Walking back along the route I'd taken, more dragon stuff (I bet you're glad I didn't post them all!!!)

And a Coal Tit (I think)

Another of the Brownsea favourites edged through the woodland, sampling as it went

If I stretch a biiiiiit further.....

Overhead a pair of Buzzards appeared to just sit in mid air, no circling, or flapping, just lazing, on a Monday afternoon

Now, another of those "I don't know birds", but a bit closer than last time....but obscured by bits of tree, naturally 

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure it's the same bird, the bits of tree and the light don't help either, so good luck 

I was headed back to get the boat, so stopped in at the hides en route, as the light and tide would be different, and who knows what might be there!!

Waaaaay to the right....Avocets? (but I can't see any bills to confirm)

And now making use of the tern islands, a pair of Pied Wagtails, the one pictured has a yellowish face so I think it's a this summer bird

Another Coal Tit was flitting about the pines

The Redshank were putting on a much closer display than earlier!

And half a dozen Greylag had dropped in

Usually I seem to spot stuff on the way to the car, this time, on the way to the boat...

Thanks for reading/ viewing the account of my rather wonderful day out to Brownsea. I did lodge a complaint with the Dorset Wildlife Trust that they hadn't provided me with Ospreys or Eagles, and they promised to try harder next time 

Thanks in advance for an ID's (especially the birds)

Warning: Sun's out this morning so Hod Hill for butterflies beckons!!

Stay Safe All

  • Thank you for taking us on your trip to Brownsea PB, what time you have spent transferring/sorting/uploading all those lovely photos. You were very lucky to see such a mix of birds, animals and beasties! I hope the Osprey and Eagles listen and that you will see them on a return visit, sometime.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • What a cracking visit - I will get there one day - just need to arrange a baby sitter for the bear.
    I did laugh at your turtle comment 'cos I thought the same and then had 'what the hell is a turtle doing on Brownsea' moment
    Keep looking for the big birds as you never know and the White tail should be staying about -in theory

    Cin J

  • Well jell. Meant to go there this summer but left it too late and the ferry was full, so this is a lovely 'here's what you could have won' moment to show my son.

    Think you may have a couple of great egrets there, plus a greenshank and I think a redstart. Your pochards are wigeon but otherwise I think you're pretty much there with the birds. As for dragons, don't know guv but I can tell you that ruddy darters have a proper Lemmy-from-Motorhead handlebar moustache, whereas common darters don't. Hope it helps.

    We went to Arne but didn't see any ospreys there, either. Loads back home though.

  • Yep, your Grey Plover are Grey Plover, and your Dunlin are Dunlin! As Internetman says above, the bird hidden by foliage and then the tree is a male Redstart.
  • Your third photo down is such a stunner I didn't need to go any further. Wow PB so glad you had your camera back, you have treated us all to a fabulous day out. Glad you have had some id's, I just enjoyed the post. PS even the red squiggies are climbing over the fence to get you to take their photos!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • Thank you all for the lovely comments, and the ID's, my first Grey Plovers, and first Greenshank (although I'm not sure it counts, just being a white blob on the horizon to the naked eye lol)
  • Brownsea Island!

    Sooo jealous of you PB, and a fabulous collection of photos making that day so good.

    I was drawn to the first photo of the cormorant looking head on, that was a beaut, and the rest were just as good. The egrets and spoonbills photo had little and great white egrets in it.

    I think you UFO may have been a mayfly on the transition from juvenile to adult, if I'm wrong, hopefuly someone will correct me.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • In reply to Internetman:

    Internetman said:
    Robber fly I reckon.

    I'll bow to your knowledge 


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • In reply to Mike B:

    Ah, I'd always advise against that! I'm very much a day-tripper with flies but in general format it seems to fit the bill. Here's one that looks a bit like it: