Friday... A So-So Morning at Alners Gorse

Weather forecast was dry, but only occasional sunny intervals so I was in a quandary what to do. I plumped for Alners Gorse as it's only 10 minutes away, so if it's rubbish I can just come home again.

As I pushed my way through the gate, drying out on it was the first of many Red Admiral

Also, I quenched my need for Speckled Wood today, they were probably the most numerous I saw

I spotted an odd fly, that took off and landed 4 or 5 times whilst I watched....but it always landed on the underside of the leaves!

Now listen,'ll never get that in your mouth

Three for the price of one...Possibly Greenbottle and Flesh Fly and don't know the other (in fact I didn't even see the one on the left!)

Greenbottle, shining nicely in the gloom

Now a tale of death, deception and lunch... A spider had caught one of the thousands of Crane fly type things that we whirring about, and was doing what spiders to them. Then a second spider came from nowhere, ousted the first spider and carried on with doing what spiders do. I've not seen or heard of this before (but then  don't really study spiders!) Unfortunately this all happened in undergrowth in the shadow of trees, so the images aren't great... Edited highlights follow:

Oi, oiii...where've you come from?

Throughout the rest of the post there are 10 bees/hoverflies that I have no idea on ID, so I'll just number them. If anyone would like the task of naming them, so I can forget them by the next time I post any, that would be fantastic 



Now, I don't know why as it makes sense if you think about it, but I've never thought to look for butterflies warming up/drying out up trees...until I saw the spot of orange half way up a tree.. Lovely Comma

A Green Veined first of the year I think

A more accessible Comma, lower down a different tree

GV White showing it likes purple flowers as well as brambles



5) Sorry about the focus, but not seen one with pinky stripes before



8) and 8a)


Flesh Fly


Now come on, be honest.... it's still not going to fit, is it?

I think this is a Common Darter, but not 100% sure

Surprisingly, this Speckled Wood had a pop at the Darter

Eventually I managed to get in a position that wasn't going to pop a vertebra out, to get a head on shot

It was obviously a favoured drying/warming spot because there were at least 2 each of Comma, Red Admiral, and Speckled Wood, plus a couple of different Whites came and stopped briefly, as well as the Darter!

The way home took me alongside Stock Gaylard, and it's deer herd, so I pulled over on the off chance, and managed to get a couple of shots before they decided my camera looked too much like a gun to stand still and close

Thanks for reading, and also for any Stripy ID's

I probably won't be out over the weekend, but my journeys may continue Monday..... you have been warned 

Stay Safe All