Mini Beasts or what you see when you look more closely.

  • Not quite such a small mini-beast this time, this one was nearly 3cm long. Talking to a friend in the garden they suddenly said what's that and pointed at the ground. It was a Great Diving Beetle and like the Water Boatman from the other day probably from our pond and also like before on the other side of the house from the pond. It headed across our lawn through our hedge and away, the next source of water being the local mini-lake or pond nearly half a mile away. It has a reputation as a fearsome predator so the other residents of our pond are probably pleased to see the back of it.

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  • Last time I had one of these was at my moth trap a couple of years back ... put it in my pond then found out how it ate all manner of critters so had to catch it again & turn it loose elsewhere!


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