Bempton Cliffs from the sea on the Yorkshire Bell Part 2 - Diving Gannets

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    TJS said:
    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for the Wow, I'm more than happy with the results of the boat trip and as for editing I've only done a rough edit of the real failures and saved everything else. I save all my photos to a 1TB external Hard Drive and back up to a second one, one day I'll have to trawl through everything and reduce the numbers but I do try and cherry pick the very best and file them separately.
    I was using the highest burst speed but how many pictures a second I take on a burst I'm never sure of, my camera has a theoretical top burst of 60 frames/sec but that is influenced by focus mode (20 Frames/sec on constant AF) and I think shooting in RAW and JPEG slows it down a bit as does the type SD card, I use a 300mb/s V90 card.
    All the best,

    You're welcome Trevor.

    And I feel upto 7 frames/sec is a lot!

    And  phew! I thought I was the only one to back up photos to an Ext HD, except mine are 2TB.

    I have tried online, OneDrive and Dropbox, but they don't retain the tech details of the photos, exposure, aperture etc, plus I can't justify the subscription costs when an EHD is perfectly good enough.


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    Hi Mike,
    Fortunately large capacity hard drives are not that expensive these days so I prefer to have my own personal Cloud storage.
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    Hi Clare,

    Thank you and glad you enjoyed the pictures. The RSPB Boat Trip certainly gives you a different perspective and photo opportunities and I will try and make one a part of any trip to Flamborough Head.

    As you enjoyed the Herring Gull here's another.

    I'm not sure if this dive was successful.

    Best Wishes,