Another trip to Minsmere and North Warren, lots of Warblers plus something different this time

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    Thanks PB,
    Initially I was frustrated by the Warbler in the nettles, then I realised that once I got focus (and it was spot auto-focus and not manual) the peering through the nettles enhanced the shot and I'm very happy with the result. I've got plenty of other bird pics with the vegetation being the only thing in focus though.
    I was in Vietnam a couple of years ago and was surprised and disappointed at the lack of wildlife, probably courtesy of Napalm and Agent Orange from the 70's although there is plenty in dedicated reserves, areas which i think escaped the carpet bombing, which our tour didn't visit sadly.
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    My daughter had bigger gonads than me, she and her fella went out with 2 nights accommodation booked somewhere near the airport, then winged it for 3 weeks!! Closest I've been to not knowing where I'm going to be staying was a week's boating on the Broads with half a dozen school friends just after 6th form, and not knowing which pub we were going to tie up at lol
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    Well done your daughter, it's a great way to travel and Vietnam is a good friendly place to do it
    Back in the 80's I travelled to Mexico with a friend (back in my single days) with nothing more than return flight tickets, a Lonely Planet guide and a Spanish phrase book with everything I needed for 4 weeks in hand luggage. I did manage one trip like that with my wife a few years later but now everything is booked and I can hardly lift the luggage. Oh, that's stirred something up, just to even think about doing it again would be nice, perhaps one day. The Falklands is considered safe and it is on my bucket list and my wife is happy to go one day, so who knows.