Just a couple from the other day

Hare just having a snooze the other day.

I think it was aware of the horse in the field, but seemed quite happy to be there.

Back in my garden this young Robin has been around for a couple of days now

His dad pops in with food and I hear him calling, lovely.    Not Titch I might add, he is still feeding but don't think any young yet.

Lovely to see.

Lot to learn

  • Super little set Gaynor :o) Robin looks pretty close....brave or unaware of potential danger, do you think?
  • How absolutely lovely to get a baby Robin in your garden Gaynor & so early it seems ... bit envious here!
    Amazed you could sneak up undetected by Hare, must have been sound asleep?


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  • Lovely, Gaynor. The wee Robin is so cute. :-)

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  • Thanks all, it was funny really. I was feeding Titch at the time I heard the young Robin, wow I thought, at last, he has brought a babe to see me!!, but no he flew off the other way and then not long after I spied his adversary on the sunflower hearts and watched him go to find the youngster and feed it. It seems to like it here and of course I am on tenderhooks because of the cat next door. Think I might have persuaded my friend to keep it in during evening hours to give the young birds a chance. Don't know about morning, haven't tried that yet!! It was under the apple tree today when I was quite near, but hopped up onto a branch so is aware of danger maybe.
    The hare Wendy was dozing on the old manure heap in the horse's field at my daughter's house.
    She and my grandson have delighted in telling me about two youngsters (they think) dashing around the field, but of course each time I have been over there with camera no sign of any. Struck it lucky with the sleeping beauty last Sunday, didn't spot any others though, I wasn't outside by the way, but upstairs in bedroom when grandson called me.
    The horse wandered over too and the hare flattened out (clapped I think they call it?) but didn't even attempt to run, maybe they are friends now.

    Lot to learn

  • So cute, I had no idea baby robins look like that! I don't think I have seen a baby. I have a couple that come to my balcony for fat cake.
  • Thanks Supernova, yes baby robins are very fluffy, speckled and cute, also too brave for their own good :-) I do pastry and mealworm at the moment, the sparrows have cottoned on and look at me meaningfully when I'm in the kitchen so I have to put out some food for them too!!

    Lot to learn

  • More super photo Gaynor.

    our robins are yet to show their young, though I'm sure in the next few weeks will will see some.


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