What’s your favourite bird/birds?

Hello, I’ve been birding since September last year (a newbie) and I wanted to get other people’s opinions on their favourite bird/birds. If COVID wasn’t here I would ask in person, but since we’re in lockdown, I thought I would ask on here and start a discussion. You can have more than one favourite bird (depending on different factors) as I think different birds have different personalities. For example, my favourite bird looks wise is a Goldfinch, I think they look really tropical and exotic for a UK bird, but my favourite bird personality wise is a pied wagtail, I have the treat of them visiting when it snows. So what is your favourite bird/birds? (Photos are very welcome) Thanks, Ellis 

Looks wise: Goldfinch 

Personality wise: Pied Wagtail 

  • Firecrest


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    I like the little hairstyle they have
  • I like a male Bullfinch. Haven't seen one for years.
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    Never seen one to be fair, but always wanted to see or hear one. They look comical to me as they have such a short head, reminds me of my grandad really.
  • Good idea for a new thread Ellis. I keep changing my mind as to favourite bird, so here are a few - Yellowhammer, we used to see a number each year but not any more - and Robin of course for their friendly habits - and Little Grebe, just 'cause it is so much smaller than I had thought before I saw one!!!

    Lot to learn

  • My son (10) and I can’t get enough of the song (and name) of the great bustard. Also redshanks are brilliant, and we love gadwalls because they are the duck that says “Meh”.
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    I think robins are always going to be a classic, I think their jumping hop is charismatic in itself. The yellowhammer song is really quite unique, it’s a pleasure when you hear it but I don’t see many of them anymore either.
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    Now that is a bizarre sounding and looking bird! I haven’t heard of one those before but I just had a look, it’s amazing. Good to see their population increasing though. I heard the meh sound lots growing up (had a national forest park in my village) but didn’t realise that it came from gadwall until years later. Nice your son is into birding too, lots of young people don’t take much notice.
  • My personal favourite is the goldcrest, I’ve had a female visit a few times, a right little cracker. The long tails are lovely too, always chatting away to each other and not at all argumentative unlike the blues and coals which in themselves are very entertaining to watch chasing each other around in circles.

    Appearance - goldcrest

    Personality - long tailed tit