A Rewarding Walk....

So today my other half dragged me out for a wee bit of fresh air as he said I needed a change from sitting the garden turning bue lol

Sky was pretty grey but off we went  to Barons Haugh

Carpark was full when we arrived! But we had walked up so no turning back now...most people were heading off through the woods with their dogs so  we headed down to the hides and there were only 2 other people in ....

Not much to be seen though....

Then right under my nose a couple of moorhen...1st for me!

Lots of Teal ...a think!

Just ducking out...

A few others

Incoming Jetski

Well that was all I could see and we decided to call it a day as it was rather chilly 

Wading  through the mucky path  I could see and hear a couple of Buzzards...I didnt even attempt to take a pic as sky was grey, white and then...........whats that wee bird up there my other half asked..

OMG i could have burst with joy..another 1st for me 

Ready for take off

Didnt go very far...I had a tree to rest against to take the pics thank god lol

Then off she went again but too far for me to follow.

Delighted with what I got.....more like ecstatic!!!!

An to finish..something a little different....

some colour!!? no idea what

So that concludes another outing and a great spot by my other half!

Hope you enjoyed

Take care

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)