A few snaps from local parks

Some previously unpublished photos from local parks over the last, oh I don't know, 2 ... 3 weeks or maybe longer ... I forget!

"You shall not pass!" This little guy was determinedly blocking the footpath.

The only time I've managed to get a Willow Tit on camera in the past 12 months. They hadn't been showing at all in this particular spot, then someone hung a feeder from a hawthorn bush and hey presto, there they were. They can obviously sniff out a sunflower seed from a mile away!

A Meadow Pipit

Goldcrests seem to be in vogue, this year. I've even managed one myself, which is a rarity.

Well, most of one anyway. A bramble growing through a hawthorn bush ... could you get a more tangled spot to lurk in?

Meanwhile, higher up in the bush as an added distraction

Ah, look at that little face!

A happy poser

Suddenly shows his angry side

There is a small brook fairly close to my house and it must have one of the tamest Grey Herons I know. If you're careful and there aren't any dog walkers letting their animals off the leash, you can get within a few yards of him

He's standing on an almost vertical bank there and was leaning over fishing a foot below his feet. How he didn't fall in head first was beyond me! Once you've close and he's got used to you, he'll walk past even closer. I've had him walk past me just 5 or 6 feet away.

Having a bird that big that close during a fly-by is quite special. I wouldn't have been far away from being able to reach out and touch the tip of his wing as he went past

And I can't leave without a couple of Madam - my favourite bird at the moment. She keeps delivering in offering photo opportunities. I guess she'll disappear shortly though. Hopefully, that'll make her mate more visible. He's a little too shy at the moment, compared to her anyway.

This is either prep for take off or her favourite Dr Who villains are the Angels

That wraps it up for now.  


Nige   Flickr

  • Hi Nigel I can’t pick any one photo out because they are all excellent, what a great set of photos, well captured and thanks for sharing them
  • I'm very disappointed you didn't get the Goldcrest's left foot in Nige...are you sure it shouldn't be in the bad pics thread??  Another fabulous set, thanks

  • Brilliant photos Nige, and I think you might need to have words with the goldcrest for not being in the full picture! LOL 


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • A cracking set of photos, given some of the close ups you must be in possession of an invisibility cloak. Most of the time I struggle to get whole body shots of the elusive Goldcrest with it's crest showing, until quite recently this was my best shot with a crest. Any in focus shot of a Goldcrest is a good one, well done.


  • Super shots Nige...always worth the 2, 3, 4... week wait for them lol..Madam K is a stunner.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Terrific set of photos Nige with such wonderful close up detail; the lollipops really do have that "oh so cute" face when they slightly tilt their head which makes them so endearing and stunning photos too of the fabulous Kestrel, Heron and teeny Goldcrest (also yours Trevor).


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks all
    It was a close decision whether or not to put the Goldcrest in Bad Pics and I was cursing it during the shoot ... as I generally do with those little skulkers! Recently, I've been another location to try out specifically for them in Spring, so I'll see if that brings a whole bird!!
    Trevor: personally I think having the lower half of the bird fully obscured by leaves doesn't necessarily detract from the photo. It is certainly a lot better than having an out-of-focus twig across its body.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Fabulous selection of photos Nigel, love 'em all but the Willow Tit has to be my favourite this time, you have brought out the colour on it's back so well. O'h dear, just looked through again and the Robin can't be left out, nor the Goldcrest and Kessie!!!!!!!

    Lot to learn