My New Hobby - Bullfinch in my Garden

I’ve just recovered from Covid - it’s been a long couple of months on top of a brutal past year so I bought a camera and took up a new hobby - this was the first photo I took with it - yesterday moring, sat in my garden in my pyjamas and bobble hat - well worth it - I think I’m going to enjoy this very much

  • That's a fabulous start, Yvonne! Keep clicking, and posting, and nice to hear you're on the mend :o)
  • Hello Yvonne, firstly welcome to the community from up in Caithness, at the very top of Scotland. Secondly I am sorry to hear that you had Covid, I hope you make a full recovery. What better way to pass your time than watching our feathered friends, and what a start for you, a beautiful Bullfinch, I don't have them up here neither have I ever seen one. A lovely photo you have posted, keep them coming, we all love to read and hear about what each other are up to.You will read lots about the birds, what they are, feeding, nesting, etc. We are a friendly lot, a bit mad at times! Always help available from someone if you need it. Good luck and keep in touch.

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    Thank you so much - I have more from yesterday - but for some reason struggling to upload them - maybe I’m uploading too many at one time - I’ll keep trying though.
  • Wow what a start Yvonne, lovely pictures of a Bullfinch. Welcome to the community from West Yorkshire I shall look forward to seeing more of your photos.
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    Thank you - I should have done this at the start of Lockdown - would have been a welcome distraction. I am trying to upload more photos I took yesterday but think I might be trying to upload too many - hopefully I’ll get more up soon.
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    Thank you - I’m trying to upload more now but it isn’t working but I’ll keep trying.
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    Hi Yvonne
    Are you trying to add photos to this post if so you need to click on more then edit and insert image like you did to put your original photos on
  • A lovely bird to have in your garden Yvonne and thanks for sharing our photos; looks like you are having fun with your new camera and hope you are feeling fully recovered now.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Thank you - I wish I’d realised how much fun it would be at the start of lockdown March 2020 - glad I’ve discovered it now.
  • Hi again Yvonne, if you're still having trouble there are several threads with step by step instructions in.. one here  It's not the most user friendly of sites. Couple of tips, max photo size is 4mb and in the size dialogue box change the 1st to 800 and leave 2nd box blank