What a walk!

Day off... not raining...WHOOP WHOOP!! Grey and a bit misty, but dry(ish) so wandered off to the Trailway as I decided the river walk would still be a bit of a quagmire after the recent flooding. As I said, it was a bit murky, so several of the pics have been lightened to reveal details. The very 1st tree at the start of the Trailway had something I didn't recognise in it.

All the way round I was racking my brain (didn't take long lol) wondering what it could be, until I saw it on the big screen, and came up with leucistic blackbird, bit odd as it was symmetrical on both sides of the cheek/throat

In the same area was the first of a number of Chaffinches

And a few yards further on, the first of a plethora of Robins

A little further along the sound of song burst forth, a number of different refrains, each quite short, but repeated and LOUD... the culprit, this Sonistle Thrush 

The first of a myriad of Redwings

And one a good few Goldfinch that charmed their way along the walk

There were loads of Dunnock, mostly pretending to be other birds by not hopping around on the floor, but by being in the hedges and trees, simply to confuse me! This one was the original Bird on a Wire!!

There were far more Redwing today than Saturday when I was with Mrs PB

A little further on, a Robin was belting out it's song, competing with the Thrushes, Blackbirds and Finches

The Fieldfares and Redwings seemed to have separated in to their own adjacent fields

Both fields were also attended by song or mistle thrushes (I can never tell them apart, even with the book!!)

I'd not noticed Dunnocks with this much stripyness on it's breast before

For the first time whilst out walking, I decided to put a few suet pellets and sunflower hearts down on a log to see if they would attract anything, and I retired to a convenient bench, probably 15 yards away. While I was waiting I spotted a heron trying to land on a gate next to a Magpie the other side of a field

I gave the "treats" 15 minutes, and although there were 3 robins and several tits flitting about, there were no takers whilst I was sat there. I was possibly impatient and/or too close!

Across a field the other side of the Trailway to the heron was is the river, and the 1st Little Egret I've seen there

I walked on to the bridge where I saw the Kingie last week, but not today, unfortunately, but A Great Tit showed nicely, if briefly

The Great North Dorset Cormorant Tree was back down to just one bloom

All of a sudden a flock of five egrets took to the air a fair distance away

I wondered what had spooked them, and it wasn't until I got home that I saw this image

And then thought....are they chasing the buzzard??!!

A blackbird cam and landed in a bush too close for max zoom

And then a (the) buzzard came closer to the Trailway and afforded me a half decent opportunity

The Fiedfares had been more reticent about having their pictures taken than the Redwings, but this one hung about until I got within a decent distance!

A silhouette flew across the field and subconsciously I thought, that's different.... and it was, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Another Chaffinch made himself known, and posed alluringly

And then this is where birds show their cruelty... something small and flitty caught my eye, every lift of the lens was too slow, and then something else small and flitty caught my eye, in the same tree, but a branch or two higher, flit, click, too slow, flit click-click-click, still too slow, flit... Got ya

Flit too slow....flit....



s the Goldcrest flitted away higher and to the far side of the tree, I spotted my first proper sign that spring is on its way

A sudden flurry of wingbeats caught my attention and a mixed Redwing and Starling flock erupted into the air

As I approached the end of the Trailway I was wondering if the unknown bird was still there, but in the tree before where I'd seen it earlier, Flit, flit.....

And yes, the unknown bird was still there!

Hope you enjoyed by ambling ramblings

Stay Safe All

  • Very nice photos and words, PB. Glad you enjoyed the time outside.

    Are "your" Long-Tails a bit shy? Here they're invariably friendly. On Sunday, we had the impression we were playing defence for a small group of eight or so while a handsome male Sparrowhawk patrolled. Could have, almost literally, pocketed the lot they were so close.

    All the best -
  • Thanks Dave. The LTT's tend to flit along the Trailway chattering to one another incessantly, but usually quite high up. Not sure they're shy, but they don't settle for long before moving on to the next tree
  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    PimperneBloke said:
    they don't settle for long

    Shame that.

    I'll DHL you some extra-friendly ones, to "RS" "PB".

  • It's been so dark here in Berkshire that you did well to get photos if, as it seems, you had similar conditions.
    I think your mystery bird must be a leucistic Blackbird but with quite an unusual appearance. It appears to have a black beak so I would surmise that it's a first winter male.
    Well done with Goldcrests - tricky little birds to capture.



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  • Looks like you had a good walk with plenty of lovely sightings and photos; I agree with Tony and leucistic blackbird as it looks right size and shape despite having head colourings like the smaller Pied Wagtail LOL Winter thrushes too and bonus gorgeous little Goldcrest. .................. not jealous at all !!! You always bring us magic PB so keep them coming.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • What a walk indeed PB! The birds certainly came out for you today! Even wee goldcrests huh!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

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    Dave - CH said:

    Really Special?

    Reasonably Sober?

    Roughly Spherical?

  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks Tony, it seems to have been pretty dull, if not properly wet, on all my recent days off lol
  • In reply to HAZY:

    HAZY said:
    bring us magic

    Awww Hazel, it's a wizard feeling when you compliment me like that, I'll just get my lashings of ginger ale lol.

    I was confused until I got home, as it didn't seem quite big enough for a blackbird, and wondered briefly if it was a waggy/starling cross lol

  • In reply to Linda257:

    hashtag happy boy lol