Cattle Egret at Grantchester

The glossy ibis was last seen in the area on the 8th January. And a day later, a new rarity arrived to take its place. The cattle egret isn't of course as rare as the glossy ibis is, but they are still rare in the UK and classed as a wintering visitor now. 

On the 9th January the cattle egret was seen in Grantchester, from the tracks leading to Cantelupe farm. It remained in this exact same area until nowadays. As far as I am aware, this egret, and obviously the glossy ibis, are a first for Cambridge and its immediate surroundings. 

In addition to the egret, a female goosander is staying near Byron's pool. Though I myself was unable to find it, it has been seen there yesterday right above the weir, which had water flowing it- something I have never seen before. It seems to frequent the side stream leaving the main river and emptying into the mill pond at Grantchester. 

I was able to find it no problem two days ago- it was very hyperactive in the first horse paddocks off Cantelupe road and running around and probing the mud. Thought little egrets are very beautiful, I prefer cattle egrets, and I think it might be almost solely because of the short yellow bill. I also looked for the goosander but was unable to see it. 

Given the significant rarities in Cambridge now and the fact there are other rarities constantly showing up around Cambridgeshire, I am expecting another rarity to appear sometime. Maybe we'll get extremely lucky and something like the ferruginous duck at the Ouse Washes appears- or even better.