After Last Week....

In the glorious sunshine, this week returned to normality, with my day off coinciding with a yellow warning for fog, and a forecast of grey, murk, and more grey, but only a 5% chance of rain before lunch. I decided well, you never know what might turn up along the Trailway....and indeed.... I didn't expect what I saw! I apologise in advance for some of the pics, it was proper gloomy, and a lot of birds were being reclusive little beggars and staying in the trees!

There were numerous of all the usual suspects, blackbirds, robins, goldfinch, chaffinch and I was frequently told off by a series of wrens!

Chaffies were mixing it up with Goldfinch at several points along the Trail, notably at the start

There was a flock of a dozen or more Redwing, which copied Nige's, by not posing nicely except at the top of the tallest trees, or behind twigs

There were a number of Dunnock skulking beneath the hedges, but this one voiced his disapproval from the top of one

I thought through the lens that the Redwing were fraternising with starlings.... it appears not... they were noisy Fieldfares!

Looking across the fields there were loads of corvids, and also a flock of gulls wheeling about for no discernible reason, plus 2 Maggies on sentry duty a ways off

Looking about the same size, but much much MUCH closer, the 1st surprise of the day.... a pair of Goldcrest

And then almost immediately the 2nd surprise... a pair of Treecreepers

I'd only seen Goldcrest once along the Trailway, and that was on my 1st sojourn in March, and I've never seen Treecreepers down there

After them, it was back to more usual fair (amazing how something I have only seen in the last month become normal fair lol)

Jenny finally almost came out for a decent pic

And as I got to the end of the walk, a Goldfinch stopped long enough to be snapped

So, in the conditions, and if I do say so myself, not an 'alf bad day!!

Hope you enjoyed

Stay Safe All