Birds and sunsets in the park

These are taken over a few days in a relatively new large park near me that has parts still being landscaped. I don't often get many Fieldfares locally ... but I've come across a small group this year in this park. If only they could be persuaded to come down from the heights of their favourite tree (the tallest in the middle of a long hawthorn hedge) and save me a crooked neck! Still, at least that's better than the Redwings in the same flock who won't pose for love or money at the moment!!

There are a few scrapes and shallow ponds, which often attracts a large gull roost.

In this case, an immature Herring Gull

Probably an even younger one, although it might be a Lesser Black-back - it's difficult to tell from the underside but my money is on HG. Either way, the low winter light is great for this sort of shot.

I wasn't expecting a pair of Ravens to fly by, although they are up on the moors just a few miles away. Goodness knows what this one has dredged up from the mud.

One of the park's highlights are its Kestrels. I always see them somewhere, but usually on grey days when photographing them doesn't give the best results. This one obliged by dropping below the horizon, making for much better pics.

I was actually pretty close. It's just a pity it was facing the other way!

I could also see a female sitting off to one side but they don't quarrel over hunting spots even in winter.

And then, a couple of days ago, we had a truly stunning sunset.

Typically, I hadn't taken the landscape lens and had to resort to the phone. Fortunately, my phone allows you to treat it as a camera, adjusting ISO, aperture, speed, even white balance, etc so I didn't get lost!


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