Well, it had to happen eventually... (part2)

So after the marvellousness of the Fleet, I headed to Lodmore, hopeful of more fun in the sun. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was greeted by a cormorant fly over!!

Maggie was looking unsettled as I walked along the path

As I peered over the little bridge, a swarm of Tufties, Mallards and Swans came toward me, obviously used to being fed by people. Tufty had a lovely sheen to his cheek

And the cygnet looked almost fully grown, in size, if not in plumage

There were lots of Lapwing, irridescing in a loverly way, and also Teal.

I'm thinking Bar Tailed Godwit, but only based on book picture, as it has less colour on the breast than the image of the Black-wit

I had to put another flying Cormorant in, because I can't believe I still had blue skies!!

Europe's longest birdbath was officially opened this morning, and the waiting crowds plunged right in

But some participants were over eager to have their splash

There was a healthy sized flock of Canada Geese

And another magnificent looking Corvid sentinel

A number of Shoveler were present (but I'm not going to tell you which number...)

The second "Surpise" bird of the day, a Red Neck Grebe

There were a good few other ducks about, including this Gadwall

Moorhen, taking shade from the blazing sunshine!

It was so nice out, even the Sparrows looked magnificent

Even if they were a bit grumpy

Fluttering movement caught my eye, and almost unbelievably a yellowish butterfly flew by, but didn't land, and not much bigger, a pair of teeny tiny waders landed amongst the Lapwings, I'm guessing at Sanderling?

As I looked back along the scrape to see if I had missed anything, a slight movement caught my eye.... (Jack?) Snipe

A male Shoveler, looking as good as a pretty boy can 

Mrs Shoveler? but her beak doesn't look "shovelly" enough

***shanks or Sandpipers?

Shovelers on the wing

Oh, yes, I'm SO gorgeous, just call me Narcissus!!

A heron stood serenely as the world revolved

A shelduck finally stood still long enough for a quick pic

Another striking Shoveler

One of those rare two headed, one legged waders, who's name eludes me

Then as it was a loop I was approaching back to the car when Mr BB popped up, guarding his berries!

I returned to the car and had some lunch (a lovely roast beef and English mustard sandwich, if you're interested) and decided that, yep, it was a fine time to head to the old river...

I don't know what you're doing, and I'm not sure I like it

A Robin eyed me curiously

Most of the Cygnets were atop the weir

Yet another Corvid, looking fab in the sunlight

I saw my main quarry whiz down river, then another whiz up river, faster than a blinking eye, until I managed to track one to where it perched

I waited about 15 minutes for it to move to a clearer view, not looking at all suspicious with a big camera round my neck, at approximately school kicking out time , so I moved away from the main path further down stream, and was rewarded with so decent shots

A Chaffie started on me whilst I was still on Kingie watch

And the final couple is Kingie with snack

And Hmmm, what's for pudding?

So that concludes the 2 part rambling meander through the sunshine and a couple of my usual places. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to add ID's where mine are lacking 

Stay Safe All

  • More great stuff PB, glad that I viewed from a prone position so's I wouldn't fall down from sheer wonderment & exhaustion ... transition lenses worked well in the bright sunshine! Lol


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Really enjoyed it PB, a great selection of birds and lovely photos and I loved the Robin, well I would wouldn’t I, and the cormorant in flight, I have yet to get a decent photo of a cormorant in flight. Well done you.
  • Thanks PB, lovely selection of birds and pics. Great shots of the cormorant flying with the blue sky for background, and you took a great shot of the Tufty with the purple sheen. Well done on spotting the Snipe, and then of course superb pics of the Kingfisher, always feel privileged to see one (but I still haven't managed a pic) so thanks for those.

    Lot to learn

  • Not a bad addition to the morning's work  Great to get the Kingies. Your possible Sandpipers are all Dunlin (in their winter plumage). Brown female ducks can be tricky - possibly there should be a BFD acronym like LBJ! I think the one without a shovel might be a Wigeon ...


    Nige   Flickr

  • Another great and varied set PB, your little waders are Dunlin as Nige says and the B-wits are Bar Tailed as you say/guess, judging by the one leg you can see, you couldn't write "black" along the top part, its shorter than on the Black Tailed wits. The other great clue is if in flight the Bar Tailed legs don't stick out past their tail as the Black Tailed do.
    Would love to get down to your neck of the woods but the current climate not safe enough for me. I'm on the EVP list so currently only sticking to our walks at NT Ickworth Park, saw a Little Egret there today, amazing, the River Linnet has water in it at present.



  • And I thought part one was super duper! What a marvelous day you had and to finish with my favourite , stunning kingie...even in the sunshine...you lucky b*****

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Well the second day was well worth the wait for, beautiful PB, lovely colours on the birds in the sunshine.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Wow, especially the Kingfisher photos

    Cin J

  • Part 2 is as good as Part 1

    Loved the photo of the shelduck, the clarity of the water drop on his head, and the kingy complete with fish in beak....


    Flickr Peak Rambler