A walk on Sunday

I heard there were a couple of interesting birds on Cors Ddyga so drove over as the sun was shining

Local wetlands with river running through

Nice and peaceful with the Swan and various waders having a swim

Mr or Mrs Coot having a browse

and a chew

 then a bird flew over and scattered them all - I thought it was a buzzard or crow

 Until I got home and looked on the computer, - could it be.....    a Marsh Harrier??  go on....make my day!!!!

 Peace reigned again - think there could be a Shoveller out there

 It's OK all safe now:-)

 Aha, this is what I hoped to see

 Pair of Glossy Ibis, OK I have seen some cracking photos of them - but these are mine!!!!!

Then they decided they had had enough and flew further away to join the Geese.

 Little Egret decides to join in.    There were two Great Egrets around but I didn't find them:(

View across the fields

then the other direction

All for now as this just crashed but I will leave the other few I have for another time


Lot to learn

  • Looked a lovely day Gaynor, birdie and weather wise. I'm not good enough to confirm the marsh harrier, but it certainly looks like a shoveller smack bang in the middle of the frame :o) And never seen glossy ibis so just a little green here! Thanks for sharing :o)
  • Looks a fantastic area of wetland Gaynor and well done on the Glossy Ibis, a bird I've yet to see so thanks for all your lovely photos; I haven't got enough skill to ID your raptor so will leave that to others, I would have said Common Buzzard but I really hope it is a MH. The panoramic view shows this area well, a haven for wetland birds - and raptors !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Fabulous sightings & captures Gaynor, sorry can't help with MH either!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Looks like a lovely peaceful place to watch the birdies. Sorry I cant help on IDs but if you want it to be a Marsh Harrier then it is Thanks for sharing your lovely pics

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Looks like a nice wetland, Gaynor. I can't help with the possible Marsh Harrier. Great to see the Glossy Ibis. I'd claim them as mine if I saw them. Fab looking birds.



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  • Thank you all for your comments, it was a lovely morning out in the sunshine, plenty of cyclists around as there is a cycle path all around down to the road for Newborough where if you have the energy you can go to see the red squirrels and ravens. Too far to walk though so Sue and I just wandered slowly around. The dragon flies also are good to see as you can imagine with all the water and reeds, I had a few photos, not really up to the standard I should be so they are staying on the pc!!! Shame, I will have to try for a better photo of the MHarrier, thought my luck was in, so will keep at it, there are two around I believe, I actually saw one flying over the last time I was heading that way, but was driving at the time!!!

    Lot to learn

  • A lovely set of photos from your day out Gaynor.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Thank you Catlady, I did enjoy the walk, I have a couple more to put up but time gets away from me somehow at the moment, you know how it is.........

    Lot to learn

  • O'h yes!!!! thanks Alan, I have been over but doing something else, saw a digger declogging a channel nearbye and thought they would have been disturbed. Maybe not then!!!!!!!

    Lot to learn