Buzzards, Bees and Butterflies....

I was raging today when I was sitting in the garden and a Kestral took off from a nearby tree...flew right over my head...probably laughing at me as it passed!!! 

Then to cheer me up...... that high pitched weeeeeeee...........weeeeeeee........weeeeeeee

I counted 11 Buzzards above!!!

if only I could have got them all in one pic! But managed many cany you spot??

Following the leader

Damn I clipped a wing!

Then down like a torpedo


One final flypast...

Nearly broke my neck taking all them 

Now for some Bees...or maybe wasps or maybe somthing else buzzy

Butterfly heating up on the decking

Ahhh thats better

Thanks for looking. Hope you all enjoyed

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)