Short 'n' Sweet for Day 3

A quick 45 minutes at the "old" river this morning was quite rewarding, a sight that always makes me chuckle, Little Egret in a Tree

And then some more familiar fully concentrating on hunting poses..

I think it's been a good year locally for the little egret, there were a lot about yesterday, and there were five individuals on the short stretch of river I covered this morning.

Then, the icing cake, for the first time in what seems like months a Kingfisher landed in lens range, just about!

For that previous shots, I was on my knees, almost bent double, precariously perched on the opposite river bank, squinting through the leaves, and then an Airedale came and stuck its nose in my ear.... talk about surprise lol

By all accounts it's been a good Kingie year too, with three pairs successfully bred, along that river stretch. I've not seen that many birds, usually just singles, but I did see two today.

And then I came home, pretty pleased :o)

Stay Safe All