At Last, Some Bird Photos To Post

  • Fabulous pics Tony, I too think it is a juvenile as funnily enough I was lucky enough to have one visit this garden this afternoon and took loads of photos, the colour seems to be the same, will put some up later. It didn't manage to catch anything as all the birds scarpered, maybe it had flown over from your garden!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • After the Sept 9th visit of a male juvenile Sparrowhawk this one stopped for about 5 mins on the 13th Sept. All taken from the lounge window so no running from room to room this time.

    Also I think this is a different bird, possibly a juvenile female Sparrowhawk as the markings are different, very interested to know if anyone else agrees or not.

    Then it was time to go.....



  • More super shots, Tony. There certainly seems to be more white on the 2nd sequence of pics
  • In reply to tony:

    In my opinion thats a female this time Tony...has the pale eyestripe....lovely pics yet again!

    post edit...but then maybe all juveniles have the pale eyestripe lol

    Juvenile sparrowhawks are similar to the female but with browner upperparts and wider stripes on the underparts than adults.

    Och am always wrong lol

    A will just keep to saying lovely pic l

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Fabulous pics again Tony, Very definite stripe over eye depicts female (says my book!) so you are right Linda:-) I think it is always safe to say "lovely pics"!!!! I think the amount of white in the plumage also says juvie. Funnily enough the sprawk came back in to visit me today, I have a feeling it is getting to be a habit, it had a go at the sparrows near the feeder but missed, then came to preen on the nearby wooden trellis so I have more pics (as you do).

    Lot to learn

  • Thanks all, it seems we are being visited by male and female juvenile Sparrowhawks as well as both adults, shame they don't all arrive together. Or maybe not as we might not have many LBJs left about the garden.


  • I get both adults and juveniles in my garden too Tony and have yet to see any of them arrive together

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