Male Merlin Hunting.

Co Durham, 5 August 2020- I was waiting to try and capture the juvenile Cuckoo I saw the other day in better light. As I was watching the wall where I expected to see the Cuckkoo arrive at some point, I caught sight of something landing on the heather out of the corner of my eye. I turned and what I had hoped might turn out to be the approach of the juvenile Cuckoo in fact tuned out to be a male Merlin. He had landed on the heather and I have no idea whether he was in pursuit of something that landed before him that I didn't see. Then he started to search in the grass and the heather and shortly afterwards flew off with what looked like a chick - I suspect a Meadow Pipit chick. My first ever sighting of a male Merlin and what a bonus to watch it for a good 5 minutes. My only sightings of female Merlin have all been - whoooosh!!!




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